Stroud Summer Darts League

Latest News- 2017 Season

Friday 23rd June 2017 
Last night was the last 16 of the Mark Drew Memorial Cup and in typical cup fashion there were close games and a couple of shock results. All the results are available to view here.  
There are some details of a nationwide darts tournament with a qualifying tournament at the Con Club over on our Tournaments/Events page so go and check that out.
Wednesday 21st June 2017 
The first lot of Individual Standings for the season so far have now been calculated and can be found here.
An important announcement in Division 2, with immediate effect, the Prince of Wales A have moved venues and will now play from the Yew Tree in Dursley. The fixtures list on this website has now been updated to reflect this and each Division 2 team will receive a new copy of the fixtures list in the post soon.  
Friday 16th June 2017 
After last nights matches, Division 2 remains extremely tight at the top and is shaping up to be an exciting race to the title in the second half of the season. All the results from last night can be seen here. The updated league tables can be found here. Each week the 180's and 100+ Checkouts are added to our 180's & High Outs page so be sure to keep an eye out here as there are awards for the winners at the end of the season.
The first set of Individual Standing will be calculated and appear on the website within the next week. To be included in this, players must have played 3 out of the 5 singles matches so far.
Next week is the Last 16 of the Mark Drew Memorial Cup, to check who you are playing, click here 
Friday 9th June 2017 
All the results from last nights games are in and can be seen here. The league tables are now starting to take shape and heat up, especially in Division 2 where it is becoming incredibly tight at the top. All the updated league tables can be seen here.
The individual standings will first appear on the website next week (after 5 games) and then they will be updated every 2 week thereafter. Once again to be eligible, you will need to have played 75% of your teams singles matches.
Finally, the draw for the last 16 of the Mark Drew Memorial Cup took place last night and can be seen here.
Friday 2nd June 2017
Last night the league action took a break and the preliminary round of the Mark Drew Memorial Cup took centre stage. Overall, Division 3 teams stole the show with 3 teams pulling off wins against sides a league above. The results of all games can be seen here. The draw for the next round will take place next Thursday so keep an eye out for that.
Friday 26th May 2017 
The results from last nights matches are in and can be seen here. All the tables have been updated and these are available here.
A reminder that next week is the Preliminary round of the Mark Drew Memorial Cup so be sure to check the draw here to see where your team is playing.
Friday 19th May 2017 
The results from last nights matches are in and can be seen here. All the tables have been updated and these are available here. Once again can we remind captains to send pictures of the results cards in on the night of the game to avoid any delays in the updating of the website.
The draw for the Preliminary Round of the Mark Drew Memorial Cup also took place last night and this can be seen here.
Friday 12th May 2017 
Last night saw the start of the new summer league season. All the results are in and are available to view here. The league tables have also been updated and these can be seen here.
Can we remind Captains to please send in pictures of the results card on the night of the game or by 10am Friday morning. This allows for the prompt updating of all aspects of the website (results, tables, 180's etc.) and without the cards no individual standings can be calculated. 
1st May 2017 
We hope everyone has now had chance to look at the fixtures for the upcoming season and is looking forward for the kick off next week. Fixture lists and results cards will be delivered to all venues in time for the start of the new season. As we approach the new season we thought it best to just go over and reiterate a few of the league rules.
            - All league games are played in the format of 2 singles, pairs, 2 singles, pairs, 2 singles and then a pairs to finish off.

            - In Division 1 the format is 6 singles matches of 3 legs each and 3 pairs matches of 3 legs each (play all 3) making games the best of 27

            - In Divisions 2 & 3 as usual the format is 6 singles matches of 3 legs each and then 3 doubles matches of 1 leg each making games the best of 21  

            - The pairs matches in all leagues are 501 double start, double finish

            - Bust back is to be played in all leagues

            - The end of season Singles Knockout will once again be divisional and the Pairs Knockout will remain all leagues together

            - The awards for most 180's hit will also be divisional again but the High Checkout award will remain all leagues together

Please refer to our Rules page for a complete list of rules for the upcoming season.
We pride ourselves on the smooth running of the league and with making sure that we update the website at the earliest possible opportunity after games. However to do this we need every teams help and co-operation in making sure match information is sent in on time.
This season again we will be requiring teams to send in pictures of results cards after the game. This will mean that one picture contains all the important information needed to keep the league running smoothly. Pictures can be text to the number on the bottom of the results cards (Jay), through WhatsApp to the same number, through facebook (Jay Castle) or through email to It is important that the picture is or contains:-
            - The card must have players first initial and surname wrote on the card rather than just first names so we can identify players for the individual standings

            - Any 180's or high outs hit during the game are to be written clearly on the card 

            - Both team captain's must review all the information on the card and then sign it to confirm it is correct

            - It is the responsibility of the home team captain to send in the picture of the completed card on the night of a game
 and make sure it is clear enough to read
Captains will receive a message back confirming that the picture is acceptable. This means there will be no need to post any results cards, they can be saved up and returned at the end of the season.
If you have any questions then please get in touch and we look forward to getting the season started and making it run as smoothly as possible           
28th April 2017
With the season fast approaching we are pleased to confirm that all leagues are now finalised. This season we have 3 leagues of 8 teams so thank you to all who have entered and we look forward to another exciting season starting on the 11th May. The fixtures have also been completed and they can be viewed here.
As last year seemed to run smoothly we have decided that this season there will be no need for an AGM so all rules will be the same as last season. Please refer to our Rules page for more information. We will post more information in the coming weeks ready in time for the new season. We look forward to getting the season started and playing darts.
29th March 2017
The new summer league is fast approaching, entry forms have now been sent out to venues. If you have not yet received an entry form then please let us know asap. Can teams please returns entry forms as soon as possible so we can begin to formulate leagues. Keep your eyes peeled on the website for further information in due course. 

Friday 29th August 
Friday 29th August